About our company


The origin of the idea to create Adikarah Solution came from the thought of being an active part of the society in a positive manner. The base of our company is set on the strong belief and vision that one can serve society by offering an all equipped infrastructure for great service. The concept was thoughtfully planned and designed, gradually taking shape of a functional entity. The transformation led by a team of accomplished directors with corporate experience of more than a decade.

A ‘Facility Management Company’, was established with a powerful intent to professionally support diverse service verticals. The foundations were laid in June 2020 and the company was named, Adikarah Solution Private Limited. We are marching ahead with a spark of individuality and a progressive approach.

Who We Are

The Pillars Our Company That Make Us


Customer Satisfaction


Budget Friendly Services




Excellence Assurance


Futuristic Mindset


The mission of our company is to see the society, country, and world in a holistic way. We believe that as a company, providing commercial resources is not the only responsibility we need to accomplish. The environment as a whole is also our responsibility and hence the activities, we conduct will always be in sync with the aspect.

The management of the company has veteran professionals from the fields of MNC’s Construction, Catering, I.T, Banking, and Textile industry. The top-level team equipped with vast knowledge and understanding is the key factor defining the company’s success and goodwill.

Also, the credibility and the fantastic services we provide rely on the fact, that the entire system works in sync with the customer needs. Customer satisfaction is a fundamental goal forever. The purposeful service sectors we relentlessly we work in, form the principal segments of our enterprise. Each vertical having a separate utility with their dedicated SOP’s for smooth operations, which listed below

  • Catering Services.
  • Manpower Solutions.
  • Housekeeping Solutions.
  • HR Solutions.
  • IT Solutions.